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Angela Jupe, pictured left, now retired, possesses a wealth of talent and experience in both architectural and garden design having over 25 years’ experience in the restoration of heritage buildings and gardens and in the design/creation of new gardens and garden buildings.  Below are just a few of her achievements:

  •  In 1987 she established and ran the first specialist garden shop in Ireland – "The Garden Furnishing Co." and set up the Traditional Gardening Co. which specialised in garden design and construction.

  • In 1998, together with other design colleagues she became the founding Chairman of the Garden and Landscape Design Association, the professional organisation for garden design in Ireland.

  • Angela's work has been featured in magazines, including Gardens Illustrated, the Irish Garden, Image, Irish Homes, BBC Homes and Antiques and Period Living and in newspapers including The Washington Post, the Irish Times, the Sunday Times and the Sunday Business Post-She has participated in RTE's The Garden Show with Dermot O'Neill and Helen Dillon, on 'Our House' with Duncan Stewart and on BBC TV with Gerry Daly.

  • She writes articles on design and plantsmanship for magazines and newspapers and gives talks to Garden and Flower Clubs and to Heritage groups.

  • She also runs and maintains a sister website  www.irishsnowdrops.org which focuses on one of her passions – the world of Irish Snowdrops hosting as one of her events a “Snowdrop Day” annually.  She is currently preparing a book on Irish Snowdrops for publication in November 2019.  It would make a wonderful Christmas/Birthday present for any plant lover!

Having restored the outbuildings since her arrival in Bellefield visitors can come and stay in the imaginatively renovated, coach-house, stables and the Main House for large wedding groups...

The slide show on the right depicts some images of the time when Bellefield was rekowned for its horse-breeding and participation in the local hunt group.

Bellefield Gardens is a long, simple, Georgian farmhouse, first constructed about 1795.  It was once the Hunting Lodge of the Black Duke of Belvedere!
Various additions were made to the house in the mid-19th and later 20th  centuries.  
It is surrounded by 29 acres of land, including grazing, woodland and a two-acre walled garden.  It has wonderful old stone-built stables (once the home to a National Hunt winner callled Solfest, Solfer and Troubled Sole - with Jockey J. J. Hannery).  Recently, a new addition to the "Sol" bloodline has arrived and it is proposed to name it Bellefield!
The stables and walled garden had been disused for over thirty years when Angela purchased the property in 2004.  
Clearance took over two years during which the old path layouts in the garden were uncovered, together with an old grapevine growing through an Ash tree.
Indeed, like many homeowners and gardeners, changes continue to be made from time to time.
The walled gardens are built of local Tipperary sandstone with brick along the south-west facing warm wall.  No sign of the original glasshouse remained so an old-style Victorian glasshouse, using salvaged materials was constructed in 2008.  The approach to this was converted into the rill you see today in 2016.  A fantastical folly surrounded by a fernery was built in 2007 and it forms the focal point of the garden.

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